Does the Electromagnetic Radiation of Cell Phone GPS Jammer Influence People?


In addition to the quick development of interaction, mobile communications technology advancement, now has become the individuals living in mobile communication tools, indispensable to bring benefit to individuals in it, and gives some unique locations, such as the impact brought etc., to prison, safe, people should restrict the cordless communication.The cell phone GPS jammer simply as its name indicates is shielded mobile communications functions, external its working concept is introduced with mobile interaction device protecting electromagnetic signals, hence the same frequency electromagnetic interference can identify essential and beneficial electromagnetic wave, in a certain variety can establish connection with crucial base, thus accomplished the function of cell phone use restricted.

You understand the area with the intricacy of the presence of the body, some electromagnetic wave is beneficial, some electromagnetic waves are harmful to humans.Figure out whether the electromagnetic radiation on the human body, produce adverse impact to electromagnetic radiation strength, primarily from the radiation orientation and the distance with radiation in such elements as a comprehensive factor to consider. We understand that the electromagnetic shielding of mobile phone radiation is understood through the antenna, so it is installed on the selection and design of antenna directly relates to the quality of the system of shielding.To manage the electromagnetic wave of human impact, securing people's health, all nations develop their electro-magnetic security requirement.

Let's discuss setting up the electromagnetic shielding of smartphone after the environment.

The working frequency of smartphone screen is 800-880MHz indications: 870, 900 trillion: 930-960 MHz, 1805-18 trillion: 1850MHz, 1900, 1900-1920 signs: MHz, these frequencies are for the job, GSM and CDMA frequency range set.By electromagnetic radiation intensity and frequency qualities of the human body potential, negative impacts may trigger the limit value, the environment under the standard of electromagnetic radiation strength is divided into 2 permits.

Main requirements for security and environment in the electromagnetic strength live, work and life for all the individuals (including children, pregnant women and people who are weak), are not impacted by any of the damaging impacts of area, Special building, restoring or expansion of radio and TV stations and radar station etc., in its inhabitant’s antenna, covering location needs to conform to the requirements of the "standards" level.

Secondary standard for middle location in this environment, to live for a very long time, the intensity of electromagnetic wave under all people live and work (consisting of babies, pregnant women and people who are weak) might trigger prospective negative reaction of the area, in this area can build factories and authority, however not enabled to develop domestic, find out more, health centers and retirement home, has constructed need to adopt proper protective steps.

More than 2 standards of the human body, can bring the damaging impacts, in this area can make aforest or planting crops, but forbid to build property and all the crowd frequently activities of public centers, such as organ, warehouses, shopping also theaters, and so on. In this location have these structures, procedures ought to be taken to, or to limit the time of radiation.